About Loran

At Loran, we do our homework for each and every client. Our analysis is more thorough than you’ll get anywhere else, so your plan is designed to fit your needs, not a cookie cutter policy. You can trust you’ll have the comprehensive, best value coverage that’s right for you.

Our team works with you to:

Save money and eliminate waste in your Group Insurance plan

We’ll show you how to get more for your dollar. You can reduce health and dental claims costs that have been inflated by poor plan design, misinformation, and overbilling by dentists and still keep the benefits that matter most to you and your people.

Secure affordable Personal Health and Dental Coverage if you’re not covered by a workplace plan

As drug and healthcare costs soar, no one should be without Loran Health Plus™; insurance. Loran Health Plus™ gives you greater coverage at lower cost than any other plan on the market.

Manage the financial risk of rising drug and treatment costs

At Loran, we work to stay ahead in our knowledge of changes and breakthroughs in health and dental care…so that you can rest assured you’re spending your insurance dollars wisely today, and have the coverage you’ll need in the future.

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