Association Plans

Loran is proud to represent the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association
Employee Benefit Plan.


CADA 360, underwritten by Great West Life, provides new car and truck dealers and employees with life, disability, health, dental and vision care insurance, out-of-Canada travel coverage, and the unique offering of plans for retired dealers and their employees.

CADA 360 saves you money. With almost 1500 dealers and 54000 employees participating in the plan, CADA buying power results in excellent coverage at lower rates than other group insurance. You pay less in year one and at renewal. The savings are ongoing and permanent.

Loran adds value to CADA 360 by helping you control costs even further.
Our expertise in claims management and specialized knowledge unique to Loran
mean we can customize your plan with practical approaches other brokers overlook and in particular eliminate waste in dental claims.

For more information on CADA 360
Please give us a call at 416-498-6944 or email

You can also take a look at the brochures: Active Dealer Plan, Retiree Plan.

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