Why OHIP is not enough….For Anyone

In Ontario, we’re fortunate to have OHIP for visits to the doctor and hospital stays.  But…
Think of ALL of the health care you need:  visits to your dentist for a regular check or a root canal, physiotherapy for a fluke injury, or treatment for a problem while you’re traveling.   Let alone the serious health concerns most of us think will never happen to us. 

The facts are a reality check:   Even if we’re blessed with good genes and free from chronic disease,
the odds are (and statistics show) most of us encounter a health issue or accident at some point.  

If we’re lucky, it’s minor and temporary.   But it can still be very expensive. 

And sadly, most of us know someone who has had a serious injury, faced cancer or another difficult diagnosis, or whose healthy child needs special care such as a speech therapist.  

If treatment is more than minor, the costs can be astronomical.  For example, exciting break-throughs  in prescription drugs can change lives and save lives.   But the average cost of these new specialty meds is over $1200 per prescription.  The drug bill for chronic illnesses such as arthritis, asthma, colitis, MS or HIV can be $20,000 or $30,000 or higher per year.    These costs are NOT covered by OHIP.

Another reality check:   Many of us take pride that we “don’t take prescription drugs”.  Maybe not.  But maybe, as many have realized, we may rethink that approach if a serious health threat looms.  

OHIP is not enough, even for healthy people.   Fortunately, it’s also not the only solution.

Affordable, tax deductible Health Plus™ insurance covers routine care costs and nasty surprises. 
Why pay any of these bills on your own? 


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